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Your OCs ..

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 13, 2009, 5:21 PM

Show me them ..

Short journal after which I'll disappear for another while orz. 

If you don't mind other artists drawing your characters, please ..
» Post a link to a picture of your favorite OCs [male OCs only, sorry ´・ω・`;]
» Describe your characters in no more than 5 keywords e.g., cheerful, outgoing, friendly, pervert, .. etc. Please, keep it simple.
» No more than 3 characters. Couples are ok (ノ∀`)
» I'll only pick characters that catch my attention; good design, interesting personality, .. etc.
» Sketches won't be posted to dA. I'll most probably up them on my site or LJ whenever they are done.
» Remember, these are only for practice purposes so it won't be finished artworks. Just quick simple pencil or digital sketches.
» Full credit with proper links and all will be given to you, the owner, so no worries.

I used to sketch at least 2 pictures a day but now it's down to one sketch per week if I'm lucky orz. I lost interest probably because I'm starting to feel like I'm just repeating myself with each sketch. Drawing random nameless characters dressed in plain shirts or none at all is fun but gets boring after a while. I need to continue sketching but I don't want to draw random boys. It takes so much time to only think of what I'm going to draw and I don't have enough free time anymore so your already designed OCs will be very helpful to me ;-;
I'd go for fanart-ing like I always end up doing lol but it's been so long since I've last watchedread my favorite animesmangas I'm totally not in mood for it right now orz.

Besides, it'd be interesting to draw some OCs for a change. They need love too, right 8D ?
I'll be looking forward to meeting your boys ( ・∀・ )ノ
Thank you in advance for anyone willing to lend me their characters for a while ♥

To-do List

º Commission for Red-Priest-Usada [coloring 99%]
º Commission for mero-ix [sketching 10%]
º Commission for locked-inside [soon]
º Commission for DrCrafty [on hold]
º Art trade with Lanzetter [on hold]
º Art trade with lishtar [on hold]

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